Celebrating 25 years of the PDF – Portable Document Format

15th June 1993 was a special date in technology history as it was when Adobe released the first version of their Acrobat software, launching the now world-famous PDF file format.

It’s amazing how fast 25 years have passed, we discuss various aspects of the PDF in this article and illustrate...

Finding the Best PDF Editor - Features You've Definitely Gotta Have

Are you on the hunt for a great PDF editor? 

Chances are, you only think about PDF editors when you actually need one. Perform a quick Google search, and you'll likely find a tool that can accomplish what you need it to - tasks like converting a file, or adding a signature or text to an...

The Best PDF Editor for Teachers: Free PDF Tools for Educators

PDF Pro for Teachers - Free PDF Downloads & Tips 

For teachers, paper is part of the job. From student essays to craft projects, parent-teacher communications to the unending flow of administrative paperwork, that's a lot of paper to manage. 

There's got to be a better...

A free PDF editor for students

PDF Pro for Students - Free PDF Downloads & Tips

Students, we know you've already got your hands full. From homework to classroom presentations, to sorting out your weekly schedule and applying to colleges, the amount of paperwork you manage every week is pretty astounding. And we'd...

How to Put a Password on a PDF - and Why You Should

Why you should put a password on a PDF, and how to do it 

With the recent Equifax breach, which put the personal information of hundreds of millions of Americans at serious risk, we're reminded that it's more important than ever to protect our digital property

Your digital...

How Paper Reduces Productivity

While it may seem like a new trend, the idea of the paperless office has been around since the 70s - and shows no signs of stopping. Yes, it's a positive move for the environment, and for reducing your office's carbon footprint - but did you know that it can also save you a lot of money...

Fidget Toys: DIY A Fidget Spinner With PDF Pro

Fidget Toys are the latest craze among tweens and some adults looking to improve focus and reduce anxiety. (Some proponents even say that it can help with those with ADHD and austism.) These new generation stress toys have become so popular, they're even sold in gas stations. But while there...

11 Unexpected Uses for PDFs That Help You Win at Life

If you're used to creating and managing files in Google Docs or MS Office, you're probably used to sharing or sending them without another thought. I mean, everybody has Office, right?

Turns out, it's kind of a gamble. Are you sure the person you're sharing your file with has the...

Convert PDF to Word: 4 Times This Tool Comes in Handy

Convert PDF to Word tool

If you do any type of work on a computer, chances are you have received or sent someone a PDF. PDFs are useful because they are compatible on almost any platform or software, and maintain their original formatting. However, the drawback of PDFs is they cannot be easily edited. If you need to...

History of PDF: Creating the World's Most Popular File Format

It wasn't so long ago that, when it came to file sharing across platforms and devices, anarchy was the order of the day. 

Sheer, maddening chaos. 

Macs and PCs refused to play nicely, images wouldn't send over already-lackluster internet connections, even documents created on...

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