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When we created PDF Pro, we knew it would be important include a convert PDF to PNG feature. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is a format type that is best for larger images and is especially relevant for individuals who frequently edit logos or images with text. Graphic designers for example often have to convert PDFs to PNG images. With PDF Pro’s online tool, converting PDF to PNG takes only a few simple steps.

Below we show you how to convert a PDF to PNG.

Step 1: Upload your file

Files are uploaded using a connection secured via HTTPS. This ensures that files stay safe during the upload process.

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You can upload a file by clicking on Upload your File or dragging and dropping files into the designated area.

Step 2: Convert PDF to PNG

Once the file is uploaded, you can convert your PDF to PNG using PDF Pro’s online PDF converter.

First check (or tick) the box to the left of your file name. Then choose the Convert tab. Next, choose PDF to Image. This will launch the PDF converter wizard. Choose PNG under the file type dropdown.

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Tip: when to convert to PNG

PNG formats are lossless, meaning that compression does not affect the image quality. PNGs will look very sharp when viewed from any distance. For this reason, PNG files are most commonly used by graphic designers to make edits.

The main drawback of converting to PNG is that the converted file tends to be quite large. Unfortunately, this is due to necessity as PNG files are designed to be high quality image files.

You should convert a PDF to PNG if you are looking for a very high quality image.

Tip: using the right PDF to PNG converter

A good PDF to PNG converter should retain the original quality of the PDF that is being converted. PDF Pro’s online converter was designed to meet this need.

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