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Adding a signature to a PDF is one of most common edits that needs to be made to a file. This is especially true for lawyers, government officials, and professionals who frequently deal with contracts and legal documents. Fortunately, in most countries electronic signatures are just as legitimate from a legal perspective as a hand written signature. Instead of printing the document, signing it by hand, and then scanning it back to your computer, it is much easier to digitally sign a PDF. Signing a PDF only takes two steps with PDF Pro.

Below we show you how to electronically sign a PDF.

Step 1: Upload your file

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Step 2: Sign your PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can sign your PDF using PDF Pro’s online PDF writer.

First check (or tick) the box to the left of your file name. Then click on the "Edit PDF" button. This will launch the online writer.

Once the writer has launched, click on Signature under the Edit tab. Here, you can choose to write out your signature, draw your signature or upload an image of your signature. Once you have created your signature, you can insert it onto any PDF file.

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Tip: save paper by using electronic PDF signatures

In the past, one had to print every agreement that required a signature. Almost everyone instinctively prints an agreement as soon as they see it in their inbox. Thanks to new solutions that allow users to digitally sign their documents, this is no longer necessary. Save our Earth by switching to PDF!

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