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Microsoft Excel is a program used to create spreadsheets in order to organize data and make quantitative calculations. Converting excel to PDF makes it easier to share spreadsheet files with other people. For example, an accountant may want to forward his clients financial models or monthly reports. By converting XLSX or XLS to PDF, the accountant makes it easier for his or her clients to receive and print the file. The easiest way to turn Excel into PDF is on your computer. Simply select the File menu and then click “Save As.” Then change and save format of the file to PDF. However, PDF Pro’s Excel to PDF converter is another good option for converting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to PDF.

See below for instructions on how to convert an Excel file to PDF.

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Step 2: Convert Excel to PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF using PDF Pro’s online PDF converter.

First check (or tick) the box to the left of your file name. Then choose the Convert tab. Next, choose Excel to PDF. This will launch the PDF converter wizard.

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Tip: why use PDF instead of Excel

When Excel files are shared as spreadsheets, usually the sender is looking for the recipient to either see the underlying work or make extensive changes to the file. Employees inside the finance function of a business, for example, routinely share spreadsheets when working collaboratively.

However, if you are looking to prevent the recipient from making any changes to the file or if you need to secure a spreadsheet using a password, you should send a PDF instead. PDFs cannot be modified without leaving an auditable trail and can be password protected for your peace of mind. Sensitive data, for example, should be sent as a PDF.

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