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Before deciding any edits you wish to make to a PDF, you first need to be able to view PDF files. Many people use a PDF file reader such as Adobe to view their PDFs. However, PDF Pro provides another option for viewing PDF files without having to download any software. With our service, you can view PDF files online from any computer with an Internet connection. PDF Pro allows users to zoom in on PDFs so you can read the file more closely and make any necessary changes.

Below we show you how to read a PDF file online.

Step 1: Upload your file

Files are uploaded using a connection secured via HTTPS. This ensures that files stay safe during the upload process.

Upload your File

You can upload a file by clicking on Upload your File or dragging and dropping files into the designated area.

Step 2: View your PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can view your PDF using PDF Pro’s online PDF viewer.

First check (or tick) the box to the left of your file name. Then click on View PDF. This will launch the online viewer.

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Tip: Editing and exporting your file

You can use the navigation bar on the left to view each page in your PDF at a time. The menu bar at the top also allows you to edit your file or export your file to a different location.

Tip: Download software or apps for viewing PDFs

The most common way to view a PDF file on your computer or mobile device is by installing a free PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is by far the most popular PDF reader in the market today for a good reason, they invented the PDF!

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