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Password protecting a PDF is simple with PDF Pro. This is an important security feature for sensitive files. Whether you are a lawyer, business professional, or government agency, you can be certain the document is safe with our service. By creating a password protected PDF, you ensure the person receiving the file cannot open it unless you have sent him or her the correct password. This allows you to have control over who has permission to open the file.

How do I password protect a PDF file? Learn with PDF Pro!

Step 1: Upload your file

Files are uploaded using a connection secured via HTTPS. This ensures that files stay safe during the upload process.

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Step 2: Password protect your PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can password protect your PDF using PDF Pro’s lock or unlock PDF function.

First check (or tick) the box to the left of your file name. Then choose the Edit tab in the top left corner of the screen. Then click Lock or Unlock PDF. This will launch the Lock PDF wizard. You can then choose a password for your file and encrypt it accordingly.

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Tip: using the password protection feature

Once a password is set, other users will not be able to open your PDF unless they provide the correct password. Note that you can always change the password or unlock the file by providing the correct original password.

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